Customer Experience Measurement & Management System (CEMMS)

Sondos Customer Experience Measurement & Management System (CEMMS) has been created to assist companies in different sectors to link their customer needs with their internal operations quality to build the best customer experience. So that companies can ensure their financial growth accordingly.

Measurement Objectives and Strategy


1. Measuring the external quality level (operations performance quality)


Sondos has a professional team in identifying, measuring and analyzing the touch points (product, people and service features) which build the customer experience within the company. Hence, these service outputs are the first measurement objective.

2. Measuring the problem experience


The problem experience is also a major objective to be measured; it enables companies to know their capability to serve their customer and meet their requirement from the first time. It also enables you to know the type of problem which the customer passes through and if their problem was recovered or not. Linking the symptoms (problem existence) to their root causes, and enabling the management team to take the right action at the right time is absolutely provided by Sondos expert team.

3. Measuring the Customer Key Performance Indicators KPIs  


Sondos team is professional in building the right KPIs which will be measured to give an indication about the customer’s loyalty, overall satisfaction OSAT, price value and Net Promoter Score NPS. Measuring these KPIs is essential for your brand positioning and for achieving your desired financial target.

4. Selective marketing questions (customer behavior)

  This kind of measurement is for the customer behavior analysis; to know the reason why you are the choice of your customer, and if  your customer wants to stay and return or not.


• Survey model (customizable, branded and multilingual)

The survey is divided into areas of measuring called composites, each composite consists of group of qualitative and quantitative questions. There are three main types of questions: scale, lookup and text. With Sondos you can get your customizable branded survey upon your requirements, the invitation is also designed in a unique way. On the other hand, Sondos CEMMS provides the survey in different languages, so that your customer can choose their language and fill the survey easily.

The customer responses are shown as emoticons


• Interactive “Thank you Page”

Sondos CEMMS provides a smart “Thank you Page” appears at the end of the survey; this page alters automatically due to the customer satisfaction and according to their response on the questions. i.e., if the customer was satisfied, the page would ask the customer to share their opinion on the social media such as: Tripadvisor and Facebook. Otherwise, it would apologize to the customer.

• Arranging the customer data and sample size

Collecting and uploading the required customer data including their name, email address, etc. into Sondos system is done through a mutual cooperation between Sondos and the company Property Management System PMS.

• Various methods of collecting the customer feedback

1. E-mail: through sending personal invitation to each customer by their name to fill the survey by email via entering a URL link.

2. SMS: by sending the URL of the survey to the customer’s smart phones. 

3. Fixed Link: by providing the customer with a fixed URL which could be printed at the end of invoice or stored at a default page in the company’s device to get the customer feedback.

4. Call Center: Sondos has a well-trained team to conduct the survey via its regional call center.


• Receiving the customer feedback

1. Online reporting system: Sondos provides an online reporting system which collects the results of each customer’s answers directly. It also provides multiple online accesses (users) for the operation team, so each manager can review their results and act accordingly via Sondos bilingual reporting system.

2. Direct notification: Sondos CEMMS provides an instant notification to be delivered via email to the in charge person of each department separately in case the customer has a problem, so that it enables you to know the customer profile and to take an instant action to solve their problem.

Sondos online reporting system (Clever Advanced Analytical Portal)


• Reports & Analysis

Sondos provides continuous reports generated from the system. These reports are easy to read and understand. It also enables you to compare the results between periods of time. In addition of the availability of the reports in the department level and in the company level as well. Sondos professional analysis team provides their assistance and support for any required business analysis periodically.

On The Go (OTG) Report

On The Go is a customized HTML report scheduled to be sent by email to the senior management levels. It summarizes the KPIs in a clear charts to allow you monitor and control the performance easily and in a regular basis. This report is customized according to the department level, geographical location or any other categories you identify for your business need. On the other hand, it can be scheduled to be received daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

On The Go Main Covered Areas:

  • Overall Satisfaction
  • NPS
  • KPIs
  • Top Problems
  • Problem Resolution
  • Branches or Properties Comparison