Banks - Customer Experience Measurement & Management System (CEMMS)

In order to grow up your bank cash capital, you have to control your customers experience with all your channels such as: branch, ATM & Visa debit card, phone banking and online banking. Sondos Banks-CEMMS has been innovated to ensure providing the best experience to the bank customers whether they are self-employed or high net worth individuals or companies. Taking care of your customers especially your high net worth customers ensures their loyalty and satisfaction through a fully automated system that measures the customer experience after each transaction without any human interaction.

Sondos Banks-CEMMS in brief 

  •  Analyze products, service, delivery channels and operations structure.
  •  Understand customer segments. 
  •  Build customized experience measurement tool.
  •  Identify strategic management objectives. 
  •  Build branches and all distribution channels on the online system.
  •  Build all measurement tools/surveys on the system.
  •  Identify sample target customers from each channel, product and service and for each month to measure.
  •  Conduct the research by one method or more that Sondos provides such as: SMS, Sondos regional call center or personal email invitation.
  •  Start Receiving online feedback :

    - Direct feedback management via instant notification delivered to the in charge person to handle customer problems/queries efficiently.
    - Online reporting system- Clever Advanced Analytical Portal (CAAP). 

                                                                                                   Sondos Clever Advanced Analytical Portal (CAAP)

 Main reasons to think of implementing Sondos Banks-CEMMS

• Increase banks cash capital through customers’ deposits, loans, upselling and cross-selling.
• Save time and effort needed to control and manage your cash channels (branch, ATM & Visa debit card, phone banking and online banking).
• Provide automated continuous measurement at the real time and after each transaction.
• Identify, manage and solve customer problems with no time.
• Ensure providing the best services for your individual customers (self-employed or high net worth individuals) and for customers of companies.
• Ongoing measurement for the Net Promoter Score (NPS) with reliable data periodically at affordable price.